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Dog Grooming

Our professional Groomer, DeAnna Visalle, has over six years of grooming experience and was a Grooming Trainer at another establishment prior to working at Peninsula Pups.  She is very patient and has a gentle way with dogs.  Dee was also a Dog Handler at Peninsula Pups and understands dogs' personalities and their individual needs. We groom only one dog at a time, so the environment is quiet and not rushed.  This lets our groomer build a trusting relationship with your dog, making the groom more enjoyable for both. We welcome all breeds for grooming!

Grooming prices based upon dog's size and condition of coat

Full Grooms and Baths Include

Double bath

Ear cleaning

Nail grind

Full brush out

Hand dried

External anal gland expression (internal add $15)

Individual Services and Packages

Ear cleaning $5

Nail grind $15

Sanitation trim $10

Ear cleaning & Nail grind $18

Ear cleaning & Sanitation trim $13

Nail grind & Sanitation trim $23

Ear cleaning, Nail grind & Sanitation trim $27

Please contact us for a grooming estimate and to schedule an appointment.  A no call/no show fee of $25 will be charged for failure to cancel an appointment.  If your dog has never visited Peninsula Pups, feel free to download and complete our Grooming Service Agreement and bring it to your first appointment.

If you would like your dog to join daycare too, give us a call for a temperament test. Your dog can play and play while waiting to be groomed. You will pick up a happy, calm and clean dog!

Grooming Health Requirements

Dee's Report Card

"Just thought I’d let you know that my dogs love Dee!  We take George, our Golden Retriever/Collie mix, for grooming and he fell in love with her.  And Saturday was the first time we took our Lab for a bath and nails and she loved Dee, too!  And so do we!  She is kind and gentle with the dogs and they did not want to leave her when we came to pick them up!  Thanks a million!"

"Denny and I were so pleased with Deanna’s skill and patience with Lucy. Lucy is only six months old and had never been groomed before, but thanks to Deanna it was a totally stress free experience."