Our Story

To say that my dog changed my life is an understatement and does not give him the tribute he deserves. Please let me introduce myself. My name is Liz Freitag, owner of Peninsula Pups, and my guardian angel is my Basenji Mix, Job (as in the patience of Job). Job and I rescued each other while living in the concrete jungle of Chicago. The fact that he literally would only potty on cement and had nowhere to run free and just be a dog broke my heart. Having lost my job and wanting a better environment for Job, I packed up and moved to Erie. Job soon discovered Scott Park while we were walking one day (I had been avoiding his insistent tugs to go into the woods, being a little bit nervous coming from the city and all). It was in these woods where we found the best people on Earth, dog lovers.

As much as Job and I loved going to Scott Park every day, I had to find a job, which meant Job had to stay at home all day by himself. I couldn’t bear the thought, having seen his exuberant joy while in the woods with his new canine friends. I searched and searched for a doggie daycare facility like the one I had taken him to in Chicago, and discovered to my surprise that there were none! I begrudgingly started my new job, saying goodbye to Job every morning as he sadly looked out the window, watching me leave. I would come home 10 hours later to a dog who was ready to jump out of his skin from boredom and no exercise.

After three months of guiltily going to a job I did not even like and hours of discussions with my dog friends, I decided to open my own doggie daycare. I just know that there are others like me who love their dog as their child and want only the best for them. I promise you that at Peninsula Pups, we live for dogs and their happiness. We want to give back to our canine companions who give that unconditional love as only a dog can give. Thanks to Job, I now live in a city that I love, have amazing dog friends and am surrounded by puppy love all day. I am in heaven. It is an honor to care for the special dog in your life and we thank you in advance for entrusting us to do so.

Very Sincerely,

Liz & Job