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Report Card

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"I just wanted to text you and let you know how thrilled I am with the care and training Boog receives at Peninsula Pups. I just took him to the MPS crew regatta. He was perfectly behaved. He was mellow, friendly,  and chill! He ignored the yappy dogs, let every high school kid in the tri-state area pet him, and didn't flinch when the bullhorns went off to start the races. He was the hit of the regatta. And he had a wonderful time. I attribute all of this to the training and socialization that he gets at Peninsula Pups. Please pass my gratitude onto Colin and all the other caretakers who have made Boog such a fine citizen. And I told everybody who ask what a great job you guys do. Thanks again."

"I just want to say thank you one more time. I’ve never thought of myself as a dog person... I feel like Colin and Ryan gave me the tools to help me really enjoy working with KitKat.  I feel like she and I have a much better relationship because of the time they spent with us.  I also appreciate that I never felt judged even though I admitted to not being a “dog person”.  Ryan gave some great pep talks.  Colin did a wonderful job framing the training in stories that the kids and I could relate to and understand... I am so glad we chose to invest our time and money in this training class.  Thank you for allowing us to bring the older kids.  Colin encouraged our daughter to step up and play a bigger role in caring for our puppy, and now my older kids have taken over the majority of the responsibility for KitKat’s daily care... I really felt like Colin and Ryan cared about our entire family, and I just can’t thank them enough.  You guys are the best! Our daughter is hoping to work toward helping KitKat pass the CGC test and is interested in having therapy dogs when she gets older. This is my child who was scared of dogs.  Colin, Ryan, and the other students in our class were great at building her confidence.  I just can’t stress enough how wonderful this experience has been for us. Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you."

“We feel that Kai has grown to be a very sociable, affectionate and well cared for pup with the help from all of you at doggie daycare. One of the best decisions we have ever made for our dog. Thanks again!”

“I've been meaning to send a thank you email to everyone at Peninsula Pups, especially Colin for everything to help Crosby and I during training. He has come such a long way...but mostly, I have come a long in way in the confidence needed in myself and Crosby to train him effectively. I can't thank Colin enough for all his help. I happily and highly recommend Peninsula Pups to many people.”

“I thought you might enjoy this story that has a happy ending. Loki escaped again this morning. I had both doors open to the house so he could come in anytime and I had food, toys and treats with me, but every time I would get close, he would take off thinking it was a game. Then I had the idea of opening the hatch on the car and saying, "Let’s go to daycare!" He raced to the car and jumped in the back all by himself!!! I usually have to help him in! I thought you would get a kick out of finding out how much Loki, and I am sure many others, enjoy Doggie Daycare. Thank God for you and all that you do!! You have a customer for as long as I have dogs.” - Maddie, Loki, Daisy, Earl and Penelope

"I used to think daycare was for babies, boy was I wrong. Peninsula Pups is for the coolest dogs ever!!" - Beaglee Beagle

“I just had to share how excited I am that Kali is able to come to the daycare! Tonight we cooked dinner and sat at the table and ate... alone! Kali has done nothing but lay on the floor. She picks her head up to see what we are doing once in awhile but other than that she has not explored or gotten into any trouble. She is not following me anywhere. I realize it's only the first day but I am really looking forward to the changes that will take place in the next weeks and months. Most of her mischief is caused by not getting enough exercise. She's in the crate all day, we are tired from work, all we want to do is have dinner, relax, play with her and prepare for the next day. Very hard to do with a big rambunctious puppy running around who has TONS of energy and no real outlet for it. I used to feel guilty for having Kali in a crate all day, doing nothing but laying around. NO MORE! Thanks so much for providing such a wonderful and needed service!"

“Yeah! It's going to be a great day! It's a Peninsula Pups day! Hurry up, all my friends are going to be there! Sorry to make you sprint, but I can't wait to get through the front door! We get to play, play, play; take a nice nap; and then play, play, and play some more. No need to rush to get me after work, I'm in great hands. Liz, Colin, and all of the handlers take good care of us. I know I'm only one year and four months old, but coming here is the BEST thing that ever happened in my entire life. Thanks Mom & Dad!" - Love, Lucy Blonde