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Benefits of Doggie Daycare

Peninsula Pups Doggie Daycare provides numerous benefits for both dogs and their parents!

Benefits for your dog

* Exercise, exercise, exercise!  Running and playing helps maintain firm muscles, cardiovascular fitness and a healthy weight.  It also releases pent-up energy that may show itself as destructive behavior in your home. 

* Socialization is even more important than exercise!  Dogs that are not socialized oftentimes suffer from anxiety.  By nature, dogs are pack animals and crave canine socialization.  They also require human socialization since we expect them to live in our human world, which can be scary!  Peninsula Pups provides the environment for dogs to learn how to properly interact with other dogs and people, gaining the confidence they need to feel mentally secure.

* All dogs are closely supervised 100% of the time by trained Handlers while they are at daycare.  This interaction teaches the dogs proper manners and builds trust. Dogs that attend Peninsula Pups create close relationships with both their canine and human friends, which is essential to a well-balanced dog.

* Our General Manager and Certified Dog Trainer, Colin Keith, is on staff during the day supervising the dogs. Your dog will receive basic training just by being at daycare!  They will learn behaviors such as sitting calmly while getting their collar and leash put on and sitting and waiting before walking through a door.

Benefits for you

* One of the greatest benefits of bringing your dog to Peninsula Pups is peace of mind that your dog is in a safe place and having fun, fun and more fun! No more guilt for having to leave your dog home alone all day.

* Your relationship with your dog will be even stronger because all of their physical and mental needs are being met.

* Many parents do not have the time or energy to exercise and play with their dog after work. Peninsula Pups gives you a respite for the evening. You will be able to spend a nice, quiet evening with your calm dog.

* Because we are open until 6:30pm, parents have time to run errands or socialize after work instead of running home to “let the dog out.”

* Maybe you would like to own a dog but think you cannot because of your busy schedule. Peninsula Pups could be the solution that allows you to have a forever friend!